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Governance Documents

Governance Documents

Governance Documents


CPSI is committed to fostering and maintaining the highest level of integrity. To that end, we have established a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics to assist our employees and certain third parties in maintaining compliance with applicable law and regulations as well as upholding our exceptional standards of ethical conduct.

CPSI is also committed to conducting all of the Company’s business and affairs in a manner consistent with the highest principles of business ethics. We recognize the importance of responsibly addressing the interests of shareholders, clients, associates, partners, suppliers and the general public.

Please review the following documents which detail our commitments to integrity, business ethics and sound corporate governance:

Any CPSI employee or third party who believes there may have been a violation of CPSI policy, law or other illegal or unethical business conduct relating to our business may report such violations anonymously by using the following complaint form. We will document and evaluate your complaint, if warranted investigate it as appropriate and take action as necessary to address the situation.

  • Submit a secure Internet-based message through our compliance website at:
          1.   1. Go to https://mycompliancereport.com/MCR
        1.   2. Once you have entered the site you will see “Begin new report”. Enter the Company Access ID of CPSI. Then “NEW REPORT” and follow the prompts.
  • Call our compliance hotline and speak to a live person: (800) 385-4387


CPSI is prohibited from retaliating against its officers, employees and agents who file a complaint, provide information, assist in an investigation, or participate in a proceeding concerning alleged violations. Therefore, any officer, employee or agent may submit a good faith concern regarding potential violations or illegal or unethical business conduct without fear of dismissal or reprisal of any kind. If possible, CPSI will also seek to protect the identity of any individual who files a complaint. For more information about CPSI’s anti-retaliation and anti-discrimination policies please review the Policy for Reporting Violations and Complaints noted above.